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Abloom Organic Slow Skin Care

Abloom Slow Skincare Organic, vegan, raw and not tested on animalsAbloom Slow Skincare from the Netherlands is 100% organic, certified, raw, vegan and free from animal testing. What makes Abloom truly unique is the artisan Slow Skincare process. Slow Skincare is a delicate, artisanal process of 3 months in which the highest quality, organic, raw/unprocessed ingredients are transformed into a powerful extract. These extracts are then cold-pressed three times and never heated above body temperature. Abloom works with Aloe Vera as a base and uses no fillers or artificial additives. Abloom works with the very best ingredients; raw food-grade ingredients of the highest quality, organically grown or responsibly picked in the wild at their most potent stage.

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