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Seventy One Sun Protection

Seventy One Percent Natural and Mineral Sun Protection Seventy-One Percent is a hip clean beauty brand from France, love for the sun and the ocean are central. Seventy-One per cent is "thought by surfers and made for everyone". Seventy-One Percent stands for the fact that both the earth and humans are 70% water and they donate 1% 'for the planet'. Seventy-One Percent makes the cleanest SPF products that are friendly to both the skin and the ocean. Because the SPF formulas of Seventy-One Percent are 100% water resistant, marine life and coral are prevented from being affected. Seventy-One Percent uses mineral sunscreens, is cruelty free and an absolute NO-GO are nano particles, parabens, silicones, sulfates, alcohol and microplastics.