Amanprana Mentha Mouth Oil

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- For a full 100% natural oral hygiene

Mondhygiene will contribute to optimum use of Amanprana mouth oil. The essential oils of clove, cinnamon and oregano and coconut oil provide a sufficient antiseptic effect with the aim to prevent overgrowth. For a long-lasting flavor and fresh breath.

Amanprana Mouth oil Mentha is made based on three extra virgin oils, it can be used for rinsing or oil drawing and helps to detox your body.

When brushing teeth is achieved in only 60% of the tooth surface and 10% of the whole oral cavity. In our mouth life 10 billion micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa). They can cause inflamed gums and are partly responsible for plaque and cavities. Poor oral hygiene gives these micro-organisms the opportunity to come through tooth abscesses, cavities and gingivitis in the bloodstream. There they can cause damage to every organ and every cell (focal infections). Especially with low immunity, fatigue, an unhealthy diet and stress.

Oil pulling is an Ayurvedic detox technique which consists of pulling and pushing the oil inside the mouth and between your teeth. In addition, oil pulling extracts toxins and microorganisms from your body. The body has a chance to repair itself. Oil pulling sets the meridians (energy flows) in the body in motion and can dissolve blockages. The tongue is a detoxification organ. A white tongue indicates that the body wants to detoxify. Oil pulling accelerates and activates the detoxification.

Use: Oral Hygiene: Rinse and gargle with one teaspoon (5ml) of oil for 2 to 5 minutes after brushing for a full oral hygiene.

Oil pulling to detox: 1 tablespoon (15ml) of oil for 20 to 30 minutes rinse the mouth. Suck, squeeze, ringing, chew, wash, pull and gargle. From left to right, from top to bottom. Do not swallow, but spit it out. Oil pulling doing your weekly and daily during a detox treatment. Preferably in the morning on an empty stomach after brushing. If you pull oil several times a day, then it is best to do this before the meal.

Ingredients: Flavoured oil mixture: 49.2% olive oil XB, 40% Hemp oil XB, 9.2% Coconut oil XB, Cinnamon SB 0.6%, 0.4% Clove SB, SB Currency 0.4%, 0.2% Oregano SB. X = additional fourth oil, essential oil S = B = BE-BIO-02

Amanprana Mouth oil is 100% natural, animal-free, gluten-free, vegan and NaTrue certified.
Content:  200 ml
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