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Apeiron Ashwaganda Soap

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Content: 100 grams
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- Soap made according to Ayurvedic recipe for mature skin
- For face, body and hair

Apeiron Ashwaganda Vegetable Oil Soap is specially formulated for mature skin. Ashwaganda is a nourishing fruit and symbolizes youth and beauty. Ashwaganda soap regenerates the skin while rebalances the skin. Optimal care for mature and stressed skin.

Apeiron soap is made according to traditional Ayurvedic recipe. This handmade plant oil soaps are very unique because of the soft foam and nourishing effect. The base of high-quality olive and coconut combined with precious herbal extracts of Amla, Neem, Ashwagandha, Jojoba and Sesame. The mild formulas are very suitable for cleaning the face, body and hair. They refine skin texture, work moisturizing, protecting and promoting soft skin. Apeiron soap is palm oil free!

Usage: Can be used for face, body and hair.

Apeiron products are very economical! The advice is to use less than you may be used. This gives you extra long enjoyment of this beautiful, pure products.

Sodium Olivate, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Castorate, Aqua, Glycerin, Withania somnifera fruit powder extract, Red Clay, Parfum (natural essential oils), Linalool * * from natural essential oils / File Teil natürlicher ätherischer Öle

Apeiron has deliberately chosen not to use alcohol as a basic component in its products.
Often serves alcohol, including alcohol plant, as a cheap preservative. Especially sensitive skin can really react to alcohol. Therefore use them only when necessary alcohol in low concentrations as a carrier of natural essential oils and active agents.

Apeiron products are 100% natural, BDIH certified and tested on animals.
Content:  100 grams
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