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Alphanova SUN

Aphanova SUN 100% natural, mineral & vegan sun protectionAlphanova SUN natural mineral sun protection products are made in Provence in France. Alphanova SUN sun protection offers sun protection from SPF15 to SPF50+ and is available for babies, children and adults. Alphanova SUN sun creams are made from organic ingredients such as Aloe vera, Jojoba oil and/or Tamanu oil. Alphanova SUN sun protection is waterproof and there is a special hypoallergenic, perfume-free line. Alphanova SUN makes sunscreen based on the mineral filter Titanium. Alphanova SUN products provide enhanced protection against UVA for better prevention of cell aging and also protection against UVB. Alphanova SUN products are natural, vegan, microplastic-free, BIO COSMOS certified by ECOCERT, non-animal testing and have an environmentally friendly formula, as well as being safe for sea and coral reefs.

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