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Natural Certifications

Most natural cosmetics manufacturers and health food producers share a philosophy: use the goodness of nature and / or produce with respect for nature. Natural ingredients and medicinal plants, herbs and flowers are the basis for the cosmetics and food products.

Controlled and safe
Manufacturers of products with labels below, process natural resources in accordance with the rules. Of interest are: careful selection of the processed plant commodities, ecological compatibility of each product, environmental and resource-saving production processes and biodegradability of raw materials.

In Europe there are a number of important organisations have issued guidelines for natural cosmetics and / or natural foods:


Green drugstore ecocert Green drugstore ecocert
The Federation of German Industry and Trading medicines, health goods, nutritional supplements and personal care (BDIH) has prepared a directive that clears the concept of natural cosmetics for the user. In 1996 BDIH developed guidelines for controlled natural cosmetics. ECOCERT is a French control and certification organization that focuses on ecological and organic production of food, cosmetics and clothing. ECOCERT has drawn up guidelines for cosmetics, which encourage the use of natural ingredients with high ecological quality.
Green drugstore icada Green drugstore EcoControl
ICADA stands for certified natural cosmetics. ICADA imposes strict requirements to enterprise level. The range of a manufacturer shall consist entirely of 100% natural ingredients. A second series of manufactoring that does not naturally pure, or where product are tested on animals, is not allowed. The company should have 100% natural as philosophy. This is checked by an independent institute. EcoControl certifies natural products include ICADA, Natru, Cosmos demands. The objective is always respecting the environment and sustainable society. We examine whether all the ingredients used come from natural raw materials, no fossil raw materials (eg mineral oil or coal) or derived products, or genetically modified organisms are used.
Natrue Hallmark Green drugstore usda
NaTrue is the highest and first global certification label. It has a 3-star system for natural and organic skin care. The organization of NaTrue will ensure the integrity of genuine natural products by setting the highest standards for natural and organic products and ingredients. 1 star = course, 2 stars = course with at least 70% organic ingredients. 3 stars is at least 95% organic ingredients. USDA Certified Organic is an American organic label and is almost exclusively granted to eatable products that meet their requirements. Nevertheless, there are a number of cosmetic brands that have been given the USDA label.
Soil Association mark Green drugstore leaping bunny
The Soil Association is a UK label for organic products. It was founded in 1946 and is the oldest organization dedicated to the promotion and certification of organic products in Europe. Together with four other European certification institutes they work worldwide to harmonize a biological norms and standards. Leaping Bunny is the highest certification for non-animal tested (natural) cosmetics.