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Surya Brasil Henna Powder step-by-step plan

Surya Brasil Henne Powder Haircolor Roadmap
1. Wash your hair (preferably several times) with a silicone-free shampoo. This is especially important if you switch to natural hair coloring and / or this Henna Cream for the first time. If the hair is not good 'clean', the probability that the coloring does not properly 'grabs'. Do not use conditioner.
2. Rinse the shampoo well and dry your hair with a towel to "damp".
3. Pull the attached plastic gloves.
4. Put the henna powder in a plastic, glass or earthenware bowl, add 140 ml of warm water and stir until smooth (about as thick as yogurt).
5. Divide your hair into "sectors" and apply the paste on your damp hair with a brush on from bottom to top in turn starting with the roots. Apply evenly to a egal result.
6. Do not use a comb to distribute the Surya Henna Powder, this removes the product to your hair.
7. After applying the paste evenly, cover your hair with a plastic cap attached. To achieve the desired result, you need the color, included in the package, refer to your manual for the recommended exposure time. For a deeper stain, you can extend the processing time by 25 to 50%.
8. If the recommended exposure time has elapsed, check the desired result is achieved by lifting the cap briefly and to see a single strand of hair. If necessary, you can leave on the longer (this can vary by type of hair). If the desired result is achieved remove the plastic cap and moisturize your hair a bit below massage the hair light.
9. Rinse your hair thoroughly with water until the water is clear in color.
10. Afterwards, you can treat your hair with a conditioner or mask, it allows you to withdraw about 5 minutes and then rinse your hair properly. We recommend that you go to sleep dry your hair for you because damp hair can deliver any color.

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